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At Pinkie Prints Silver Jewellery we give you the chance
to say... ”
 you" in the most personal way.

Pinkie Prints Silver Jewellery is happy to announce
that our gorgeous charms are now available Australia wide.


Every child’s finger print, hand print and footprint is different!
By using our ink kits we take your child’s hand or foot print
and reduce it to fit the size charm you choose.
So it is a miniature version of their exact print that you wear.
See our Information page for details and then place your order through our Products page
Prints can also be taken by appointment in the Mackay, Qld area

At Pinkie Prints Silver Jewellery we don’t use moulds.
All fingerprints are taken directly into the silver clay.
The fingerprint you wear is the one made by your loved one – we just finished it off!
Prints are taken by appointment in Mackay, Qld area.
If you are a visitor to Mackay, or just passing through, we can ensure a time to take
your finger prints, and post your finished charms back to your home address.


Contact Sheryl for an appointment time to suit.

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